Documentary and Short Movies

Love Me Tinder, BeLonging, Libertad Beirut, The Splinter

Love Me Tinder


When a talented filmmaker tries to find a job in 4 different countries, he discovers that recruiters are being distracted by something else than his skills. His origins, accent, name, religion or even freedom are more important than his actual work. How this international artist will understand and react to this situation?

Cast: Jihad Saadeh, Jill Alexandria, Gassia M. Shahabzian, Romain Kachaner, Gauthier-Charbel Raad.
1st Ass Dir and Editor : Charelle J. Abdallah Co-Writer and 2nd Ass Dir: Pamela Saadeh Director of Photography: Elie Matar Art Director: Maya Zaleoum Sound: Maroun Farjallahand Thank you everyone else.

The Splinter

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Libertad Beirut

In the middle of chaotic Beirut, two gay men decide to live openly their sexuality. This is where the dilemma starts; lovers, sex, religion, family, society, photoshoots…