Work History

Love Me Tinder by Gauthier Raad

Love me Tinder Short Movie

Arizona, USA

  • Screenwriter and Filmmaker

Creative Director

FearCon Foundation, Arizona, USA

– Ensure efficient workflow and workforce performance within the creative team
regarding all the projects as well as the audiovisual channels like the webpage and the annual convention of FEARCON.
– Oversee the day-to-day operations within the creative team.
– Build new and maintain trusted media partner relationships to ensure the best promotion of the foundation’s projects.
– Manage the technical editing, mixing and coloring of the videos shot by the foundation and its partners.
– Manage all the audiovisual technical side of the conventions organized by the foundation.
– Work with the foundation’s internal teams such as other directors and their teams to deliver impactful, fresh, and innovative video content through storytelling.
– Bring international content from around the world to the foundation’s artistic program and all the channels.

Audiovisual Manager & Media Partnerships Manager

Avignon Festival, France, April – August 2022 

– Overseeing operations in my department, ensuring efficient workflow and workforce performance.
– Managing the Livestream of the events of the Festival
– Managing and supervising the international documentaries created during the Festival.
– Choosing and collaborating with the production houses that will work with the Festival. This includes negotiating budgets, and planning and supervising all the production and post-production work.
– Building trusted media partner relationships, and client relationships and working with Agency internal teams such as planners and trading to deliver innovative responses to briefs, negotiate competitive rates and exceed client expectations.

Website of Avignon Festival

LIFF - Lebanese independent film festival

Film Festival Director

USA / France/ Lebanon, 2017 – present

  • The Fantasy Film Festival – Paris, France
  • ANOMF A Night of Misfit Films – Phoenix, USA
  • The Lebanese Independent Film Festival – Beirut, Lebanon
  • FFLF

– Managing and supervising the success of the Film Festival from A to Z.
– Film selection
– securing the necessary permits and insurance for the event
– building relationships with local contractors and companies that provide goods and services
– staffing the festival
– planning and supervising site setup and breakdown; overseeing a team of event operations coordinators
– book and coordinate with artists and their teams
– in constant motion, making sure that everyone has what they need, that all of the parts are moving smoothly, and that everything is proceeding according to plan.
– creating a seamless experience.

Website of the festivals

Production manager

France 24, Paris, France, 2020 – 2021

Skills: Strategic planning, medium-term scheduling, short-term scheduling, technical resources scheduling, cost management, and reporting, HR management, managing 1000 employee planning. 


USA / France / Lebanon / South Korea / Germany , 2010 – Current

  • Love me Tinder (Short) 2022
  • IN THE NAME OF 2020 (Feature Script)
  • Belonging (Short) 2019
  • Libertad Beirut (feature) 2018
  • SAD MAN 2017 (Short)
  • INVISIBLE 2017 (Short)
  • NO G IN KOREA 2016 (Report)
  • SI C’ÉTAIT À REFAIRE 2016 (Short)
  • Gayrouth 2015 (medium length)
  • THE SPLINTER 2012 (Short)
  • GOODBYE DARLING 2012 (Short)

Skills: Enthusiastic and creative; demonstrated to meet deadlines and objectives. The capability to talking many languages with no difficulties in communicating with people from other cultures. Teamwork spirit and capability to adapt to different cultures and environments. 

Video Producer

Idealco, Paris, France – 2020

Film and Television Production: Wide-ranging knowledge of film and video projects to completion. Effective at organizing and planning shoots. Ability to write and edit scenes, treatments, and scripts. 

Organized events: – 10th national assembly of biodiversity (Massy) Link – National assembly of the water planning strategy (Dijon) Link – National Assembly of the high Internet speed (Sables d’Olonne) Link – EDF, Crédit d’impôts, ministry of information. 

BELONGING (Short film) – 2019

Prize: Save Your Eyes Film Festival (2020) / After Hour Film Festival (2019)

Finalist: European Cinematography AWARDS (ECA) (2020) / Under The Stars International Film Festival (2020) / Kino London presents “The People’s Film Festival” (2020) 

Official Selection: Buenos Aires Film Festival (2019) / New York International Films Infest Fe s t iva l NYCIFIF (2019) / Smi t a Pa t I l Documentary and Short Film Festival (2019) / Jaipur International Film Festival (2020) / International Shorts (2019)… 

LIBERTAD BEIRUT 2018 (Feature Documentary)

Prize: Best LGBTIQ Film – International Shorts, Melbourne, Australia (2018). People’s Choice Award – The Indie Film Fest, Phoenix, USA (2019).

Finalist: San Fransisco Independent Film Festival, California, USA (2019).

Official Selection: Best Documentary Feature & Best Foreign Film, iNDIE Film Fest, Phoenix, Arizona (2019) / Best Documentary, Docs Without Borders Film Festival, Delaware, USA (2019), -Best Documentary, Golden Gate International Film Festival, California, USA / Best Documentary, Queen Palm International Film Festival, California, USA 

Libertad Beirut by Gauthier Raad
Gayrouth by Gauthier Raad

GAYROUTH 2015 – GREC – CNC (Documentary)

Prize: Best cinematography – L.A. Shorts Awards (2015)Silver Award Winner – World Humanitarian Awards/Award of Merit: Special Purpose Productions – Best Shorts Competition (2015)/Gold Award: Documentary Film Competition – California Film Awards.

Official Selection: Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (2015) / Roma Cinema Doc (2015) / Miami Independent Film Festival (2015)/ Phoenix Film Festival (2016) / Best Foreign Language Documentary – Nice IFF 2016 and other international festivals… 

Corporate Videos


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Photographer / Photojournalist

France / Ethiopia / Albania / Cambodia / Austria / Panama

  • SPICEE platform

Production and Distribution Assistant

  • Ampersand, Paris
  • Decideur TV, Paris
  • Tvprod, Paris
What's hot on Vimeo today?

Artistic Producer

  • Theatre Métro. Rita B. Shows
  • Nozze Di Figaro
  • Opera Il Barbiere

Project Manager CHOYOU Productions Paris – 2016


  • Salesforce
  • Easyvista
  • Bouygues
  • SNCF
  • Opentext

Teaching experience

Teaching and Senior Supervisor

  • Antonine University
  • FAPA Academy
  • AKU University
  • LIU University 
  • AUST University