Netflix Versus Amazon

Lately, we are submerged with uncountable number of online platforms that allow us to have access to original audiovisual content. Due to the sanitary crisis that we have been living for the past year and a half, a lot of video content such as movie, short movies, videos, series are being consumed every hour everyday none stop. 

Today I am gonna talk about the two biggest online platforms that give us access to online audiovisual content by subscribing to a monthly plan: Netflix versus Amazon prime. 

Amazon prime:

Amazon prime is doing super well according to the statistics published online. This online platform which is free when you subscribe to the amazon prime delivery plan. Why amazon prime has gained a lot of followers for the past recent years, it is because of the great stories and great films amazon is including to its catalogue. 

Amazon is the champion now in producing and distributing real great content. With its series like ‘little fire everywhere’ and The Handmaid’s Tale, Amazon is cherishing a very beautiful reputation between its subscribers. Amazing is working on proposing new stories, far from the fear of inclusivity and originality. 

Part of the success of Amazon prime as well is the very successful series such as mad men and the good wife that brought to Amazon a lot of new spectators. 

Amazon is less in the producing just in the sake of producing. They want to be best, they want to include in their catalogue powerful series, powerful stories and films. Amazon invest a lot in the movie scene as well, you can find on Amazon real prestigious movies such as Allied, Joker, A star is born and some independent movies such as Call me by your name which is available as well on Netflix.


In the past years, Netflix has lost a lot of its originality. Part of this is due to the pandemic and to the abrupt cancelling of original shooting due to the worldwide lockdown. But what is the real reason behind this lost of subscribers on Netflix? 

One of the main reasons that Netflix is not anymore the one and only online platform is because Netflix focused a lot on producing the same American, original plot twist over and over. Out of fear of broadcasting real original and new content, Netflix is only looking to producing or distributing the same story with the same characters over and over… forgetting about originality, about diversity. 

From what I see, looking over and over at Netflix catalogue is that they understood what I am saying but they are still very shy choosing originality and diversity over the same, uncommon character who always win at the end of the series. We can mention: insatiable, Lucifer, Good Girls and so on…

Part of this as well, is the strategy to give people what this Netflix committee decides to be produce and not really broaden the angle of the original productions and start talking about new things despite the fact that risk comes with every decision we make. Well, this time people are speaking up and they are saying that Netflix content is not corresponding anymore to their choices… They have already seen this story, why then watch it again?

Let’s add to this, the fact that before the sanitary crisis, Netflix used to launch weekly new original content that allowed people to somehow find content that corresponds to their choice but we can see that even now, Netflix is trying its best to keep on producing and keep on launching new original content at the pace of the year 2019 or 2020. 

In my opinion, the real problem with these platform is that they both don’t really encourage the independent scene, knowing that the Netflix idea was born from the despise of Hollywood… and now Netflix is becoming the new online Hollywood… I feel that the subscribers one more time are being carried away with the simple, Hollywood twist content while forgetting that we should give the independent scene its opportunities as well. 

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